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April 14 2021

On April 14, XXVI specialized exhibition of transport, road construction machines and equipment ‘Transport and road of Siberia. Special equipment’ opened its doors at the ‘Sibexpocentre’ exhibition complex.

Exhibition demonstrates novelties of commercial transport and road construction machines, equipment and tools.


The first Deputy Mayor of the Irkutsk city Anton Krasnoshtanov first made his welcoming at the opening ceremony of the exhibition:

Main topic of the exhibition is very relevant, especially before the upcoming spring season. Here we have opportunity to demonstrate everything about road construction. Next year organizers and we will try to make exhibition bigger, because the municipality is very interested in it..

President of the Union of road builders of the Irkutsk region Nikolay Hicenko made his speech next:

The topics that we will discuss at the exhibition are quality, new technologies, seminar for specialists working in the road sector. As we have already mentioned, we will increase number of topics of the exhibition. We will change the format so that it becomes very serious, helping enterprises and the road industry to develop in new conditions.

Director of Japanese centre on the development of trade-economic relations in Khabarovsk Ishihata Yasumizu, ‘Sibexpocentre’ long-term reliable partner thanked organizers for the opportunity to cooperate and organize seminar. He also wished everyone successful work.

Director general of ‘Sibexpocentre’ OJSC Andrei Shapovalov announced the opening of the exhibition and thanked all the partners. He also noted importance of the further cooperation with Administration of Irkutsk and Union of road builders of the Irkutsk region.


After the official opening ceremony there were presentations of participants ‘Rosneft bitumen’, ‘Eland’ LLC, ‘Vira’ LLC.


Union of road builders of the Irkutsk region organized 2 events this year. On April 14, there was seminar, where participants discussed realization of road works in municipalities, formation of procurement documentation for the major maintenance of roads and the road network of municipalities, main issues of quality control during repair work etc.

On April 15, there will be conference ‘Main topics related to the quality of engineering surveys, design and construction’ at Irkutsk State Transport University.


During 2 exhibition days, specialists of the road construction industry will have an opportunity to attend seminar ‘Building roads in cold regions’, organized by Japanese centre on the development of trade-economic relations in Khabarovsk. Mr. Munehiro Kazunori from Northern Regions Civil Engineering Research Institute ( Sapporo) shares his experience not only in road construction, but also in automatization of road management. Seminar is available to attend by the preregistering.


On April 16, we invite everyone to attend Job fair. The event is organized with the active participation of Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Irkutsk Region, the Union of road builders and the Union of Rectors of the Irkutsk Region.

At the fair, representatives of companies will hold presentations of their companies, present employment opportunities in engineering and labor specialties. Specialists from employment centers organize consultations forcitizens, provide guidance in job search, and offer job open vacancies. Perhaps, at our exhibition you will find a job!


Both new and traditional participants will demonstrate new trends of machines and services. ‘Indor’ company will tell about BIM-technologies. ‘Becema’ (Krasnoyarsk) will acquaint the visitors of the exhibition with their enterprise, which implements the full cycle of production of special-purpose vehicles. The Perm Gunpowder Plant will demonstrate its own cold plastic used for road marking. ‘Vira’ company from Tomsk, which produce and install polymer soundproof screens along the roads in Ulan-Ude, Ivanovo, Krasnoyarsk, Ryazan, Moscow.


At the open air exposition of ‘Transport and roads of Siberia. Special equipment’ exhibition, there will be a huge number of machines and equipment : a truck, municipal road vehicles, a bus, mini-loaders, the first timber carrier in the Irkutsk region that runs on methane. Visitors will be able to see these and many other special machines!

Exhibitors from Angarsk, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Perm, Mytishchi, Ryazan, Tomsk, Ulan-Ude and other cities take part in exhibition this year. Spheres of their activities are diverse- machine-building enterprises, design and survey work, sale of equipment and tools for special machines, Intelligent Transport Systems, road construction machines, bitumen and others.


Exhibition is organized with the active participation of Ministry of Road Construction of the Irkutsk Region, The Union of Road builders of the Irkutsk Region, the Irkutsk Regional Association of Employers ‘Partnership of Producers and Entrepreneurs’, the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, ‘Rosneft bitumen’ company and general information partner ‘Graider’ magazine.

We invite you to attend the exhibition from April 14 to April 16.

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